Diarrhea is a common type of gastrointestinal upset or infection. The good news is, there are several steps you can take to naturally treat your diarrhea and rehydrate.

Below is an effective remedy for relieving diarrhea and also a solution to help you or your loved one get rehydrated. (Note the sugar used in the rehydration solution which is key.)

As always, call your doctor for any persistent symptoms or questions.

Effective homemade remedy for watery diarrhea

· 1/2 to 1 cup precooked baby rice cereal or 1½ tablespoons of granulated sugar
· 2 cups of water
· 1/2 tsp. salt
Instructions: Mix well the rice cereal (or sugar), water, and salt together until the mixture thickens but is not too thick to drink. Give the mixture often by spoon and offer the child as much as he or she will accept (every minute if the child will take it). Continue giving the mixture with the goal of replacing the fluid lost: one cup lost, give a cup. Even if the child is vomiting, the mixture can be offered in small amounts (1-2 tsp.) every few minutes or so.
· Banana or other non-sweetened mashed fruit can help provide potassium.
· Continue feeding children when they are sick and to continue breastfeeding if the child is being

Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS)

The “Simple Solution” – Home-made Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) Recipe
Preparing 1 (one) Liter solution using Salt, Sugar and Water at Home Mix an oral rehydration solution using the following recipe.
· Six (6) level teaspoons of Sugar
· Half (1/2) level teaspoon of Salt
· One Liter of clean drinking or boiled water and then cooled – 5 cupful’s (each cup about 200 ml.)
Preparation Method:
· Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolve.

Dehydration can be very serious especially in children and the elderly. You can usually reverse mild to moderate dehydration by drinking more fluids, but severe dehydration needs immediate medical treatment. If symptoms persist longer than a couple of days, don’t hesitate to contact your provider or come into one of our Urgent Care facilities.