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Jared Price, DNP

Doctor of Nursing Practice located in American Fork, Lehi, Lindon, Vineyard and Eagle Mountain, UT

Jared Price, DNP attended the University of Utah where he received both his Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing.  Jared also received his Bachelor of Science in Emergency Administration Services.  Jared continues his knowledge for education from the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Utah Nurse Practitioners Association, American Nurses Association, Obesity Medicine Association, American Society for Men’s Health, LGBTQ+ OutCare Health, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, American Psychological Association.

Jared is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)  that is dynamic and engaging and finds joy in serving the patients he sees on a daily basis. As part of his philosophy of care, Jared believes in being fully attentive to all of his patients, recognizing their specific needs, and responding with genuine interest and concern. He actively collaborates with each of his patients to form an individualized plan of care.  He initially treated urologic patients and found great passion in developing his men’s health clinic.  He has since become certified in many avenues to broaden the holistic approach allowing him to better serve his patients.  Some of the common disorders that he specializes in would include hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, metabolic disorders, interstitial cystitis, recurrent UTIs.  One of his passions in healthcare is Men & Women’s Health including weight management, fitness/nutrition, erectile dysfunction (Gainswave), ejaculate disorders, BPH, prostatitis, testes and pelvic floor pain, and conditions.  Prior to joining Premier Family Medical, Jared continues to work at Forum Health doing functional medicine where he is able to practice a holistic approach of healing his patients.  This includes managing chronic diseases, hormone & weight management, mold & metal detoxification, gut health and rejuvenating microbiome.  Before his FNP, he worked as a registered nurse for five years at American Fork Hospital and Utah Valley Hospital in same day surgery.  He is experienced with both research and outreach surrounding weight management and malnutrition for all ages.

Jared loves to travel, especially to the south pacific and national parks.  He has toured many countries down there including Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.  Jared is passionate with his health.  He loves fitness, nutrition and staying up to speed on literature on new supplements hitting the market.  He has achieved multiple medals from spartan and loves to do spartan races.  Jared loves the outdoors such as climbing, hiking, camping and boating.  He loves to watch movies and play games with his son Rocky and to go with him to the dinosaur museum, aquarium, playgrounds, water parks, or just take a ride up the canyon to do trail hiking or fishing together.

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