Looking for someone to deliver a baby or perform a C-section? We have five doctors at our Pleasant Grove location who can meet your needs: E. J. Corry, Sean Doyle, Timo Hoggard, Scott Smith, and Marshall Willis. With on-site ultrasound and lab services, they provide some of the best OB care in the area from one convenient location.

Want a provider with experience? Again, our PG location fits the ticket. With over 150 collective years of practicing medicine, this group ofpractitioners has gained a lot of time-honored wisdom while staying up-to-date on new techniques. In addition to the doctors who provide OB care, you will find Doctors Michael Lehnardt and Thad Barkdull. We also have physician assistants and nurse practitioners: Randy Crockett, Sandy Miller, Ruth Hooper, and Anne Vincent.

Located at 830 North 2000 West in Pleasant Grove (just south of AF Hospital), we offer urgent care on a walk-in basis Monday through Saturday. Full xray services are available for fracture care. To call for hours or to schedule regular appointments, phone (801) 756-3511.

In addition to a full range of family practice medicine, some of our doctors provide specialized services. To highlight just a few:

* Sports injuries including ultrasound guided joint, nerve, and tendon injections; acupuncture; acupressure and cupping; ultrasound evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries; prolotherapy; viscosupplementation; and reduction of joint separations (Dr. Barkdull)

* Circumcisions, vasectomies (Drs. Barkdull, Corry, Doyle, Hoggard, Smith, Willis)

* IUDs, Nexplanon (Drs. Corry, Hoggard, Willis)

* Colposcopies (when pap results are abnormal, Dr. Barkdull)

* Treadmill stress testing (Dr. Barkdull)

* Accutane (Dr. Corry)

* Toenail removals (Dr. Lehnardt, Randy Crockett)

* Flight physicals (Dr. Willis)

* We have providers who speak German, Finnish, Italian and Spanish (Dr. Lehnardt, Hoggard, Willis, Randy Crockett respectively)

Let us know how we can best meet your needs today, give us a call 801-756-3511.