Questions About Notification Letter

Questions About Notification Letter

Utah County Medical Group to Notify
Patients About Cybersecurity Attack

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (August 30, 2019) – On July 8, 2019, Premier Family Medical (Premier) experienced a ransomware attack from an unknown, unauthorized third party. As a result, Premier was temporarily unable to access data from certain systems within its organization. Premier promptly informed law enforcement and engaged technical consultants to investigate and regain access.

“We love being in the business of caring for patients and understand that includes protecting their health information,” said Robert Edwards, Premier’s chief administrator who oversees Premier’s cybersecurity and privacy programs. “Even though our investigation has found no reason to believe patient information was accessed or taken, we are very concerned that this event even occurred and have taken steps to further enhance the security of our systems.”

Recently, national media outlets have been reporting on the dramatic rise in ransomware attacks impacting all industries but especially those in technology, healthcare, and government. Ransomware involves malicious software that is deployed by cyber criminals through various means to lock organizations out of their electronic systems and then demand payment in order to regain access.

Patients who have been treated at any of Premier’s ten Utah County locations will receive notification of the ransomware event later next week, including information about how to address concerns or questions to Premier. Premier also plans to report the ransomware event to the Department of Health and Human Services. Additional information and updates will be available at