Patients can put their trust in us, for both their own well-being and the health of their baby.

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As a leading provider of OB/GYN services, Premier Family Medical offers Utah
County area patients complete obstetric and gynecological care. Patients can put their trust in us, for both their own well-being and the health of their baby.

Q: What happens during the prenatal evaluation?

A: Prenatal evaluations and exams will include many routine health checks, including blood work, recording weight and blood pressure, and possibly urine samples. As the pregnancy progresses, the doctor will monitor the fetal and maternal heart rates. This will be done with ultrasound monitoring and will work to keep an eye on the development and growth of the fetus. Prenatal checkups will be scheduled throughout the entire pregnancy and through delivery. During the pregnancy, the doctor will help moms to plan out exercises and activities to stay healthy which will accommodate the unique challenges of pregnancy and birth. Premier Family Medical can also work with women regarding any special needs or instructions they may have for how they would like their delivery to be handled. The doctors can work with patients to ensure that each woman’s needs are met and her best interests are being served.

Q: Why would I need to have a gynecological exam?

A: The doctor ensures that women’s reproductive health is being well cared for. It is suggested that women go to the doctor’s office yearly for their “well- woman” exams. The doctor uses these exams to examine the woman’s health and reproductive system. The doctor will also be able to identify any current issues. If treatment is needed for a particular issue, women can get effective treatments at Premier Family Medical. The doctors can also teach women about safe sex precautions. In many cases, women go to the office to get birth control pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and contraceptive injections. The doctors at the practice will also be able to guide women through the process of getting pregnant
all the way up to birth and after.

Q: What gynecological treatments are offered?

A: Several illnesses or conditions which involve the female reproductive
system can be addressed by Premier Family Medical doctors. Heavy, abnormal, or painful menstrual periods, endometriosis, internal cysts, urinary tract infections
(UTIs), yeast infections, and fibroids can be treated by the expert doctors at the offices.

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