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Physical Therapy in the Utah County area provided by specially trained professionals

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When chronic conditions or injuries make it difficult to move on a daily basis, physical therapy can be very beneficial. At Premier Family Medical patients throughout the Utah County area can receive physical therapy from specially trained professionals.

Q: What is physical therapy?

A: Physical therapy is used to help patients who have difficulty moving and getting around. The pain and stiffness are often caused by an accident or injury, a chronic illness, or following a surgery. The activities and exercises used during physical therapy can help patients get around better and can alleviate discomfort and swelling. It can also help to restore a patient’s physical function, hopefully to what it was before the injury or surgery. The goal is to make it easier for the person to perform everyday tasks and activities at home or work.

Q: What types of physical therapy are there?

A: There are a variety of treatments available at Premier Family Medical including:

  • Manual therapy: Massage, mobilization, and manipulation performed by a physical therapist are frequently used types of manual therapy techniques. They can assist to improve range of motion and lessen or eliminate pain.

  • Exercises: These are created to restore flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance. They can include lifting weights, walking, stretching, and aerobics.

  • Education about everyday changes: Teaching a patient on how to change particular postures and exercises can assist to lessen pain and prevent further injury. These include items such as the use of crutches and making the home safer for an individual with muscle or similar weakness and balance problems.

Q: What can a physical therapist do?

A: After an injury, physical therapists at Premier Family Medical can use their skills to reduce pain and help a patient regain his or her normal range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Chronic conditions are also helped through the care of a physical therapist. The physical therapists at the office will work with patients to set up measurable goals and work with them throughout their recovery. They can also help patients following a stroke or heart attack as well. These patients will frequently need to relearn the basic physical aspects of day-to-day tasks and will need to build up their strength following the incident. As a part of recovery, the physical therapist will be a crucial part of the health care team. For more information, contact Premier Family Medical to set up a consultation.

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