Part of being a parent is making sure you take every opportunity to teach your child. From a young age, you want to make sure you are helping your child establish good habits. It’s a good idea to help them create these habits and teach them why they’re important.

Eat a Balanced Diet

When you eat a balanced diet, you ensure that you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs in order to function properly. A balanced diet includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, good fats, etc. Establishing healthy eating habits early on, can set your child up for a better life. They can grow up enjoying eating well and it will become second nature to them. When teaching children about eating a balanced diet, you can start off by encouraging them to have a colorful plate. This approach is more fun for kids and it can get them excited about eating as many colors as possible.

Spend Time Being Active

Getting plenty of exercise strengthens your body in many ways. You can build muscles, strengthen your bones, and improve your cardiovascular system. It’s important to stay in shape so you can avoid chronic conditions later in life. You should teach your child the importance of spending time being active. Encourage them to go outside, play around, and get their energy out. Obviously, young children do need to be putting in sessions at the gym, but they do need to spend time getting their heart rate up. Help them find activities that they enjoy to help them stay active.

Limit Screen Time

Now, most children are raised around screens. They spend time watching movies, playing games, and more all while on their screens. If you never address your child’s screen time, it can lead to poor habits forming. While on a screen, your child is stationary. In many cases, this puts children more at risk for obesity and other related conditions. Screen exposure is also known to disrupt sleep which can have many negative impacts. You need to limit your child’s screen time and include them in the conversation. Help them understand why it’s important to spend only a little time in front of screens and find a way to get them on board with setting boundaries.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of every day because it gives your body a chance to rest and recover. Your brain processes the day and your body goes through several important functions. Lack of sleep can impair cognitive function and leave your child exhausted. They need to know why getting plenty of sleep is important. With your child, create a sleep schedule and help them establish a good sleep routine. Their sleep routine should help them prepare for bed and, if consistent, it will signal to their body that it’s time for bed. You should also create the right environment. It’s ideal to sleep in a cool, dark, and quiet room.

Read Every Day

When it comes to being healthy, you want to address your mind as well as your physical body. Reading daily can benefit your child in many ways. First, it will stimulate their brain and help improve their cognitive function. This can help them in school and other areas of their life. Additionally, reading gives your child a chance to explore new topics, cultures, and ideas. They can learn, develop their imaginations, and improve their creativity. Start reading with your child and encourage them to read on their own when they’re ready.

Teaching your children healthy habits will help them to be more prepared to carry these habits into their adult lives. As you teach your children, make sure you set an example by following these same habits.

To further look out for your child’s health, it’s a good idea to have regular checkups. Click here to find a family medicine provider.