While there are a handful of organs in your body that aren’t absolutely necessary to its function, your lungs are not one of them. Without your lungs, you wouldn’t be able to survive. To make sure you’re keeping your lungs as healthy as possible, consider the following tips.

Avoid Smoking

The first way to ensure your lungs stay healthy is by avoiding smoking. Smoking involves ingesting nicotine in through your breath. This activity is one of the most detrimental things you can do to your lungs. Your lungs are absolutely necessary to your survival. If you damage them, there’s no way to come back from that. When you smoke, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances enter your lungs and cause lasting damage. This damage is irreparable and can lead to serious issues like emphysema, lung cancer, and death. If you want your lungs to stay healthy, it’s absolutely critical that you avoid smoking. Even with just a puff of a cigarette, you could cause lasting damage and become addicted.

Exercise Regularly

Another way to keep your lungs healthy is by exercising regularly. When you exercise, your body distributes oxygen throughout your body and makes your organs and muscles stronger. This includes your lungs. You may notice, when you’re just beginning to exercise, that you are quick to breathe heavily. Over time, however, your lungs will strengthen, and you’ll have an easier time breathing through your workouts. Exercising regularly strengthens your lungs, and keeps you breathing better. It’s not just cardio exercise that is important, either. Simple regular movements like walks around your neighborhood, dancing to your favorite songs, and taking the stairs can all help keep your lungs healthy. In general, getting 150 minutes of exercise per week is the best way to stay optimally healthy.

Keep Your Air Clean

Besides just smoking, there are other air particles that can damage your lungs as well. Many viruses and diseases can be airborne, and they enter your body through your lungs. Breathing in these particles, along with dust and other harmful bacteria, can give you a greater chance of getting sick or damaging your lungs. It’s important to keep the air around you clean, especially if you struggle with lung-related issues such as asthma. If you have asthma, your lungs can be more easily irritated by air particles such as dust or bacteria. To keep your air clean, regularly replace your air filters and invest in plants that purify the air of your home.

Your lungs are one of the organs in your body that it is absolutely essential to keep healthy. Without your lungs, you cannot live. To ensure that your lungs stay as healthy as possible, follow these tips.

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